Everyone has been asking for an
update right??? Yes would be the answer.. As well as I am too.. But then again, what is it that u would expect to show up when u go to this site....

I have an idea to update the whereabouts of The Zenithians after many of us will go to new study place, especially those who took matriculation, foundation, diploma, utp, or etc.. That is still in the country.. not to forget if there are other that will have fly overseas..

And in order to do just that, help is certainly needed.. If u got info about where The Zenithians are studying please let the admins of this blog know.. Someone will do it, or u can also write about your experience in your new study place and then ask from one of the admins to invite u to post your experience in this blog.. Just give them your email address and they will invite u then u can post yours.. Don't be hesitate nor shy..hehe.. ;p

Hope all of us will be excellent no matter where we are. You are all you can be. Go on and be it.

p/s: let me know if u guys have something to share like pics or experiences....

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