At a glance: INTESABER, the review & memorabilia

After almost 3 years I've been graduating from this alma mater, finally I've got the idea on writing something about this extraordinary school. Yeah, for me it's extraordinary as this place has teach me a lot. I learn so many things there, both spiritual and intellectual input.

Ok, this is the emblem of INTESABER. Different from others, this emblem is eclipse-shaped and shown modernization from it graphical features.

SBP Integrasi Sabak Bernam is located 5 km from the town of Parit Baru and about 30 km from the town of Sabak Bernam. This school grounds covering 40 acres of 32 acres of fenced area and the rest of eight acres is not. The school was started in July 2000 and completed in July 2002 at a cost of RM 36 million. 

The layout of the buildings in the school zone is divided into four; administrative zones, the academic zone, residential zone and the zone of recreation and game courts. Administrative Zone consists of a three-storey building blocks and a large hall called the Dewan Ibnu Khaldun. Academic Zone consists of two blocks of two-storey building containing 36 classrooms, six laboratories unit, three units of the workshop, a cafeteria and a prayer room (Surau As-Syakirin). Residential zone consists of two blocks of students (male and female) (Villa d' Putera / Puteri), 16 units of staff quarters for teachers and school staff, four housing units for school administrators, a dining hall (Cafe D' Ria) and a playground at the staff quarters. Recreation zones and game courts include a football field, a pavilion (Astaka Gemilang), a hockey field, a netball courts, court for sepak takraw and volleyball and two basketball courts, two security huts, a bus, car and motorcycles garage. Now the school also has a campsite that can accommodate 300 people at a time. 
Imaginery INTESABER layout. Click to enlarge.
*heh, ni guna paint je. burok kan. 

This school began operations on July 8, 2002 with the first intake of students from a total of 76 people. At that time the total of 15 teachers. Puan Hajah Nahyah binti Atok was the first principal of this school. Encik Jaafar bin Rajuli as senior assistant, while Ustaz Ahmadi bin Abas is the Assistant Senior Student Affairs. 

Initially, the school was named Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama (SMKA) Sabak Bernam. Thus, the first intake of students this school operated by the Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Selangor (JPNS / JAPIM).  Then, the school management was taken over by the Unit Sekolah Berasrama Penuh, Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia. In line with changes in management, the school changed its name to the Sekolah Menengah Agama Persekutuan Sabak Bernam (SEMERBAK) and then switched to Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Sabak BERNAM (INTESABER). The intake of students are open to other states, such as Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Perak and Pahang. 

INTESABER offers three streams for the upper form. They are Religious Science, Pure Science (+ accounting subject) and Technical Science. The first intake of students of Form Four is in 2003, offers only two streams that are Religious Science (1 class) and the Pure Science stream (2 classes). Until October 2003, the school has about 316 students to 115 students from Form One, Form Two students of 122 and 79 form four students. Background of parents or guardians of students in this school consisted of a variety of economic status, whether self-employed, private sector and government servants. INTESABER now growing rapidly as the time passes by to achieve the mission to be the best school in Selangor and Malaysia. 

Welcome to SBP Integrasi Sabak Bernam (INTESABER)
(Google if u want to know where's the place)

The Main Entrance

The Signage

Administration Building

This is the administration building. It is the 'heart' of the school. It compromises of the school's lobby, office, meeting hall, teacher's room, school's library, resource room, multimedia room, examination department and several student's organization room. Fronting the building is the main square called Dataran Informasi, that is function for the students to do any outdoor program and to gather for example the morning call (daily assembly).

 Academic Block

The academic block is located behind the administration block. It is a double-storey building occupies  classes, examination hall and several student access center to help in their studies. The view from inside of the class is the large open space that covered by grass.

One of the classes in the academic block

What a beautiful and conducive place to study! It's just a place like home. Don't you want to study in this class? Well, this is what you got if you are the student of INTESABER.

Dewan Ibnu Khaldun and Canteen

This is the picture of the school hall (right side), also known as Dewan Ibnu Khaldun and on the left side of the picture is the school's canteen.

Students' Hostel: Villa d' Putera & Villa d' Puteri

Each hostel consisting of 20 unit dormitories (14 students per dorm), 4 toilets (for each sports team)1 warden's room, 1 student's lounge, 1 prefect's room, 1 sick-bay, 1 store-room, and 4 high class rest rooms. This is the same as to girl's hostel.

The Pavilion: Astaka Gemilang

Imagine yourself being in the sports team and a whole bunch of crowd cheering for you from the majestically built pavilion (formerly known as the "Astaka Gemilang").

Well, got the idea already?

Surau As-Syakirin

A place to worship and do the religious activity. Also become the essential part of the school to produce the incredible and spiritual students.

Staff Quarters

Consisting of 4 sets of bungalow and 1 apartment, this is a place called haven (place of safety and rest) for some of the school's teachers and staffs. The panorama from the apartment is breathtaking and some said that it was able to relieve the stress from working hard at the school during the day.


Tranquility is one of the uniqueness of this school. The atmosphere is so calm (there's only a few cars pass by here) and the air is so fresh. If you're thinking of a change in your hectic life, then remember.... there's always a place here for you, in SBPI Sabak Bernam.

Thank You.

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